Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My knitting is going nowhere. I can feel spring coming, and I just can't get enthusiastic about wrenching my hands on worsted weight on US1 colorwork mittens.

And I've got 10 bobbins of laceweight singles spun that need to be plied. Hard to get enthusiastic about that either.

Such as change from last year. 26 projects completed in 2010! I was cranking. This year so far, I finished a pair of socks, and a turtle. See?

Iron Gate Socks

Pattern: Wrought Iron Socks
Designer: Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Bamboo and Ewe, purple
Needles: US0
modifications: none

Pattern: Sheldon
Designer: Ruth Hormighaus
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport
Needles: as in pattern
modifications: crocheted shell pieces together instead of applied i-cord

I'm planning on joining a shawl KAL in mid April, but no idea what to do before then. Suggestions?

Edited Thursday - I have no idea why one picture is coming up as a picture and the other as a link. Will work on this later tonight. Wierd.


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