Friday, June 23, 2006


Do I have to tell you how frustrating this is? Hello!!! Yarn manufacturers!!! If you print "50 g = 180 M(yds = 196)" on your ball band, that is how much yarn your customer thinks she is buying!

Well, mystery partially solved. I finally thought to weigh an unused ball of the Filtes King Color Baby yarn I am making the Lucky tank from. Turns out the 50 g ball only weighs 44 g. So of course there is no way 3 balls of this yarn is going to be enough for a pattern that calls for 600 yds. 3 balls of yarn only bought me 517.5 yds. The back of the tank took a little over 2 balls of yarn, or a total of 94 g. If the front requires as much, I will need 4.27 balls of yarn to complete this project. Now, there will be less yarn for the front because of the scoop neckline, but then there is a little extra needed for the armhole and neckline edging. I'll play it safe and go pick up a 5th ball.

Astute readers may notice that 4.27 balls is equal to 736.5 yds, which is still way over the designer's claim of a 600 yd project. Here's my guess as to the discrepancy: the pattern calls for cotton or silk, which tend to lie flat and the stitches don't moosh together as much as merino, which I am using. I got the recommended gauge (even the row gauge - that never happens for me!), but I'm guessing the difference in yarn type is enough to throw off the yardage. With the exception of socks, I don't think I have ever finished a project without going over the pattern yardage requirements. I think it just has something to do with the way I knit.

Photobucket is down right now, so I can't upload a pic of the finished back. Trust me, it looks just like the partially finished back in the post below, only a bit longer.

I finished last night around 9:30 p.m., and my religion does not allow me to cast on yarn, or cut quilting fabric, after 9:00. Experience has shown this to be a good rule. Will start the front tonight. Unless I have a couple glasses of wine with dinner. Helloooo Weekend!!!!! Lace and wine do not mix.

Have a good weekend!


Blogger Jorun said...

Just a thought: Are you knitting "twisted stitces"? Google for a picture to see, this might explain why you use more yards than patterned and why you don't hit row gauge?

Another thought: Could the 55/44 discrepancy be blamed on very dry air/yarn? I am used to my skeins being slightly heavier due to air humidity.

Anyway: Enjoyed your blog!

12:12 PM  

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