Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, time to paint the house!

Stop the rain! And the hail!!!! The storm that pulled through here tonight was actually strong enough that we decided to watch it from the basement TV. TV was showing viewer emails of golf-ball, tennis-ball sized hail, and some guy from my suburb called in with pea-sized hail. They mocked him gently. Afterwards, we oggled at the piles of hail (just pea-sized) on the deck and in front of the living room window.

So the wind and the rain die down, and I go upstairs to run DD's bath. I happened to look out my window, and noticed that my driveway apron was missing the mailbox was standing in water. In fact - our whole tree lawn and sidewalk were covered with water! Our whole corner of the neighborhood was flooding. Looked out the back towards the drainage area - filling up, but not full. Why isn't the street draining? Ice in the drains of course!

Saw an a$$hole neighbor in a red luxury car drive DOWN THE SIDEWALK. Really? You couldn't just leave by the other street that leads out of the neighborhood? That extra 30 seconds really going to cramp your style?

Once the rain let up enough to go wandering around with an umbrella - the damage is surveyed. The hosta beds look like tossed salad. The vegetable plants I just put in ON SUNDAY also look like tossed salad. I was hoping they would be tossed salad later this summer, not tonight. So glad I didn't get around to planting the tomato plants outside yet.

And this year is definitely the year to repaint the shingles on the house. The good news? We should get a discount on the prep work. The painters won't have to spend as much time scraping off the old paint. Much of it is gone already. Good thing we only have wood on one side of the house (the rest is Aluminum siding - came through just fine).

So, knitting. I'm chugging through Henley Perfected (Connie Chang Chinchio). I think it's going to be great when it's done, but shaping the armholes in the lace section is kicking my tushie. It's not charted out in the pattern, you are supposed to kind of figure it out yourself. I'd say this is one of the hardest patterns I've done in a very long time. I have ripped out many rows!

My other project on the needles is the Roxanne Mystery Shawl. It won't be on the needles long - it's headed for the frog pond.

No photos - sorry, too lazy to find the camera!
Hope your night is less exciting than mine!


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