Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Well, another year over, another year begun.

Goals for 2012: blog more often. Try more new things. Plan ahead to avoid last minute scrambles. Lose 10 pounds. Eat more vegetables.

Week 1/52: January 1.
Weight: Goal + 10 pounds
Projects in progress: Bird in Hand mittens (just need thumbs).
Vitamin D sweater (just needs sleeve seams).
Argus Shawlette
about half done.
Vellamo socks about half done.

Something new I'm trying this week: Moroccan Lentil Soup. Recipe scaled for 6 servings makes six ~8 oz containers + one 1 pint container. Per recommendation of co-worker: make a healthy soup at the beginning of the week. When you get home from work, have a bowl of soup to prevent you from inhaling a box of Triscuits as you make dinner. The experiment starts tonight.

Knitting progress this week so far: a sleeve seam on Vitamin D! Only one more to go, then I can block it. I hope the drape is good on this sweater - my handspun seems pretty bouncy, less drapey. Also, I hope the yarn is sturdy enough to hold up to wear. It came out sort of underspun, and being thin, I can easily snap a single strand with my hands. Does not bode well for durability.

Household organization/improvement: sorted natural fibers out of stash, started new box for cottons/hemps/linens. Ugh! Too much yarn. It is getting away from me.


Blogger Pretty Knitty said...

How was the soup? Happy New Year, and great job on some nearly finished WIPs!

9:33 AM  

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