Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kicking and Screaming

That's how I feel about being "forced" to switch to the new Blogger tonight. Yes, OK, it said I could bypass the upgrade and log into old Blogger "one more time", but I'm just not in the mood tonight.

First real blizzard of the year here. Hubby is in Vermont on travel week 3 out of 3. Daycare closed at noon today. Forgot to ask my employer if there is a number I could call tomorrow morning to find out if they are open BEFORE I drive an hour to get there. Cold, tired, stressed about being in the house alone when the wind is howling. What if the roof blows off? Then what do I do?

Hands are too cold to knit tonight, even though I've got the furnace cranked. I've turned the corner on the second sock for my SockPal (the heel, I think, is the correct terminology) last night, and heading for home with the leg pattern! Woot! I hope she likes them.

What to cast on next? I can't decide. I've got the pattern and yarn for Knitpicks Northern Lights mittens, which I love. Also enough Kureyon to knit a vest that's bouncing around in my head. But then, I think, it's mid February. Spring should be here any day now. (Yes, as the blizzard howls around me, I know that is slightly delusional thinking.) If I cast on those mittens at 10 spi, will I finish them before the daffodils come up? On the other hand, they would be ready and waiting next winter in my cedar chest. There's 4 skeins of lace-weight in my stash too. I think I'm all socked out for now though. So far all of my 2007 FOs and WIPs are socks. (OK, all two of them)

But spring is calling in the magazines and yarn catalogs. Bamboo! Linen! Cotton! I want new, fresh yarn. Breezy tops and short sleeves. Why oh why can't I finish a project in the season it's meant to be worn?


Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

What an optimist! Frigid cold, owling winds, rising snow and spring is around the corner! Brrr... I'm in MIchigan and we're not getting it like you, but spring seems forever away tonight! Though my LYS did give me a little sneak peek today of some lovely new yarn they'll have for spring. A beautiful 2 stranded cotton blend from ggh...so maybe spring is in the air!

11:01 PM  

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