Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm unemployed!

But in a good way....
I had my final day at work on Tuesday, and my new job doesn't start until November 1. So, I have two whole weeks of nothing to do! Ha Ha Ha, I wish!

I started off yesterday by running all those tedious errands that I put off all summer: got the car emissions tested, renewed the car registration, deposited a check, got a passport photo, sent in passport renewal application, and took a drug test/pre-employment physical for the new job. And all that before lunch!

After lunch I sat down and worked on Swallowtail for two whole hours - I am done with the budding lace section finally. I can't tell you how hard it was to sit on the couch and knit in the middle of the day. I kept thinking I should be "doing" something - chores, shopping, clean the house, make a fancy dinner. But I set the goal of finishing this section, so I did it, then I went for a jog (outside, in the daylight!), picked up some stuff at Target and the grocery store, and made a nice, if not fancy, dinner.

Here's the progress on Swallowtail:

Started the section with the nupps last night. Say it with me...nupp nupp nupp. Maybe this should be the Three Stooges Shawl? Nupps = fun. P5tog = bite me.

I'm heading off to see the parents for the next week - no posting for a while. I won't take Swallowtail with me. It's for my MIL, and my mom gets all wierd about me doing anything nice for my in-laws. Nevermind I made a lace scarf for her birthday in March this year.

If my Knitpicks order arrives today, I'll take some of the yarn and start swatching for a new sweater for Audrey. If not, there's some sock yarn in stash that is looking for a road trip.

Have a good week y'all!


Blogger Margot said...

Do we have the same mother? My mom gets a bit weird when I make stuff for the in-laws or my aunts. She also used to get weird if I made something for my grandmother (her mother!) and nothing for her.

You'd think they'd take pride in their daughter being so generous, no?

Well, good on ya for speading the knitting love. Can't wait to see it blocked.

9:01 PM  

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