Friday, September 22, 2006


Yayyyyy! DH is coming home today! I bought new curtain rings at Joann today to replace the partial set that is on the curtains now. These have clips to attach to the fabric too - much easier than the rings that have to be sewn on. The sew-on rings that are on the curtains now keep falling off too - they are metal, and there is a tiny gap in the ring where the two ends meet (why it was not welded shut is beyond me).

I worked on Clapotis during the Grey's Anatomy premier last night:

I am nearing the end of the increase section (2), and also nearing the end of the first skein. Would have liked to finish the skein before going to bed, but was toooo sleeepy.

Did you watch Grey's Anatomy last night? What did you think of the abandoned baby storyline? Besides it not really fitting with the rest of the show in general, I thought they missed a golden opportunity to promote Safe Haven laws. These laws, which are on the books in 46 states including Washington, where the show is set, allow a mother to leave a newborn baby within a few days of it's birth at hospitals, police stations, etc. Anonymously. It's such a terrible thing to hear on the news that another baby has been found in a trash can, when a safe option exists. There is more information about it here. Despite its almost nationwide presence, these laws have not had a significant impact on decreasing the numbers of abandoned babies. The main reason? Lack of public awareness of the law and publicity among those who are most likely to abandon their babies: young, unwed mothers. Wouldn't this show have been a perfect opportunity to mention it?


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