Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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A meme making the rounds, first spotted on Zib's blog, which directed me to Laura...

I often find these personality profile tests to be frighteningly accurate. Last week I had to take a much longer version (1.5 hours total testing time, including a quantitative (think SAT exam) section for the job interview process. Assuming my personality has not changed too much in the last week, I like to think I would make a good employee. The results of the pulseware test (advanced version, 120 questions, 6 - 12 minutes) suggest though, that I might not be management material. Which is too bad, because I really think, and I have been telling my interviewers, that after a few more years at the lab bench, I would really like to move towards project/program management.

Some of the more dismaying analysis: people think I am arrogant, and although I am perceived to be well-educated, I do not appear to be an intellectual. 9 years of post-HS education and I'm not an intellectual? I think it's because I checked "strongly disagree" for the "wears black turtlenecks while drinking strong coffee and smoking cigarettes" statement. Just kidding. That wasn't really a question.

I'm off for interview #3 today - I wonder if they will share the results of their testing with me too? Wish me luck.


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