Monday, August 07, 2006

A nearly perfect weekend

Such a wonderful weekend we had! It was birthday weekend for DH at our house. Saturday morning we awoke and went downstairs. Audrey handed Daddy the card she "signed" for him and said "Berfday Daddy". He liked all his presents (a Dremel from me and safety sunglasses from Audrey). After a trip to the Farmer's market (cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, sourdough bread, lettuce, organic mozzerela cheese), Audrey helped me bake a cake (double chocolate raspberry rum cake, from The Cake Doctor book). After lunch and a nap, the swimming pool, followed by dinner at Quarryman's in Berea. Then home for cake! After Audrey went to bed I finished Pomatomus #1. I opted to do a short row toe, then grafted across the bottom of the foot. Not perfect, but not too bad considering it was my first attempt at Kitchener stitch. And I did not run out of yarn. 7 g remaining.

Sunday was a lot hotter, so we weren't quite as ambitious. DH spent the morning testing out the Dremel on any available projects. Our bedroom door now closes and latches, and all the garden tools have been sharpened. In the afternoon he went back to the Home Despot for more Dremel attachments (okay I may have created a monster), and Audrey played in the wading pool in the backyard until her teeth were chattering. Dinner was perfectly cooked, followed by more Berfday Cake.

After dinner I finished the second Regia sock. Quite a nice weekend! Here are the two completed socks, and the little ball of CTH that was left over. There is lots more Regia left over, but then that sock is much shorter on the calf as you can see.

So, what about the weekend made it not quite perfect? I burnt all the skin off the roof of my mouth Saturday night. Took a big bite of a piping hot pulled pork sandwich. The melted cheese and boiling barbeque sauce adhered to my palate, and it was very painful.


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Your socks look great! I hope your mouth feels better soon!

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