Thursday, August 03, 2006

A break in the weather...

Ungodly heat has finally broken here, meaning the heat index is only in the high 80's today instead of over 100F. Feels downright balmy. I'm still sitting in my office with the lights off and the blinds drawn to keep from cooking. Other people complain about too much A/C at the office? To them I say "send it over here!".

I got a lot of knitting done on Pomatomus last night - almost done with sock #1! Below is my graceful (ahem) size 9 foot with most of a Pomatomus upon it. Cat feet included for scale.

I'm a little nervous about this sock though. Let me show you why:

See that little itty bitty ball of yarn I have left? That is all that is left from the 1/2 skein of CTH I balled up before I started. I divided the skein in two using the kitchen scale before starting to ensure I wouldn't use more than 50% on one sock. Do you think I'll have enough to cover my toes? This is a definite shortfall of the top-down method. If I thought I was going to run short, I would have done fewer repeats in the leg. Now if I want to shorten the leg, I'll have to rip out the foot and - gasp- the gusset and heel. And I really don't want to do that.

Keep tuned for further updates...

Birthday madness

Went shopping for birthday stuff today for DD and DH. Two Leos. What did I do to deserve this? DH is getting the Dremel rotary tool kit with 4 extra attachments and a zillion accessories. DD got a swingset (we set it up already) and some toys. Haven't bought them yet. I'm kind of waiting to see what my sister got her. It's being mailed to the house, and she couldn't get it giftwrapped. Nana and Papa C. got her something loud with batteries I think. How come I didn't get loud toys with batteries when I was a kid? Huh? Where's my loud toys?



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