Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Alice the camel has...

One hump! (and two passengers)

Just had to post this picture from the weekend. We took Audrey to the Memphis Kiddie Park, then over to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Of course she wanted to ride the camel. As she is a little too young to ride the camel solo, I was elected to ride with her. I plan never to ride a camel again, so enjoy this picture. It's the last one you'll see.


The second Pomatomus sock is done except for the grafting! And I've cast on for a scarf. I'm using one of the CTH DK skeins I bought a couple weeks ago, and am following a diagonal short-row pattern. Not sure if I like it yet. I'll knit a couple more inches and make a commitment or look for another pattern.

Short post today - more later this week I hope. Wish me luck on my job interview tomorrow!


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