Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A set of washcloths

Well, I was a busy little bee on my vacation last week. When I wasn't taking the kidlet to the lake or scarfing down my MIL's cooking, I was churning out chenille washcloths as a gift to Audrey's Duckling room teachers. She just graduated to the Puppy room last week. She loves her "school", and the teachers in the Duckling room were just so wonderful. I made six, two each of the three colors shown below (you can get two cloths from each skein). Unfortunately I really botched one of the purple ones, but didn't notice until after it was washed, which made frogging and re-knitting impossible. So, each teacher will get two. They are wrapped around a green olive-oil soap.

Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Washcloths

Pattern: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Washcloth free pattern
Yarn: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. Colors: lime, lavendar, and light blue.
Needles: US6, plastic? These were some of my Granny's old needles, and they aren't metal, but don't feel like modern plastic. They are white, very smooth and almost shiny. They were made by Boye.
Notes: the ball band says hand wash or dry-clean, I tossed them in the washer on warm water, delicate cycle. Then I tumble-dried them. They shrank and got denser, which I actually liked better than the original fabric. Who's going to dry-clean their washcloths? I was very happy to see no significant shedding or worming of the chenille fiber during the wash/dry cycle.


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