Saturday, July 19, 2008

Houston, we have a problem

After knitting mucho-many rounds on the Starghan for Michelle's baby-to-be, I proudly cast off, certain I had discovered the secret to a knitted 5-point-star afghan. After all, 99% of all starghans on Ravelry are crocheted. Could it simply be that no knitter had bother to see this adorable afghan? Had I really been the first to figure it out? I could publish the pattern! People would link to me! I would be a star (pun intended) in the knitted baby afghan world.

Alas, it was not to be.

It is a royal disaster. Perhaps someone out there knows a jellyfish in need of a burqa? A basketball in need of a wig? Because this is more than a little gauge issue.

Upon closer examination (and by closer, I mean I dug through my desk until I found my old protractor), I found that the internal angle of each "arm" of the star is 60 degrees. 60 degrees is the required angle for a 6-point star, not 5. 5 needs 72 degrees. Believe it or not, I did swatch. But I only swatched what I thought was 1/5 of the star - and it looked pointy, like it should work just fine. I did not measure the actual angle. My bad.

I think I've figured out the ratios to make a 5 point star. Time to frog and try again. The pressure's on now. Baby is due in only 2 months, and I want to make a gift for her 1 year-old as well.

Updates on my vacation to the land of sheep next time. (Teaser - I did pack three projects for a 10 day trip. I finished 50% of two of them, and ~25% of the third.)


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