Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crafts = crack


I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that almost all crafts have the potential to addict me like heroin. Or cashmere. Are there any crafts out there with a significant startup fee? One that would prevent the casual user from dipping one’s toes in, then finding themselves sucked into the abyss, never to be seen again? Cause it’s so easy to just pick up one little strand of beads (it’s only $2.99, you know), and a little spool of beading wire (practically free!), okay, and a couple of pliers (cheap ones, but you know you’re going to want to upgrade soon). $36 later, I’m leaving Pat Catan’s crafts and wondering why I thought I could make stitch markers cheaper than I can buy them. Well, okay, if I convert all those beads and all that wire into stitch markers, it will be cheaper/piece than buying them on Etsy. But really, do I need 50 stitch markers? Do I even know 10 people I could give 5 each to? But the beads – so pretty. Must.Buy.More.Pretty.Beads..

And don’t get me started on “making my own greeting cards”. The ones my friend Eva sends look so nice, shouldn’t I try too? Maybe buy a couple of ink stamps to add a little interest? It’s madness I tell you, just madness.

In knitting news, I ran out of yarn just 10 rows before the end of the second sleeve on the Child’s Guersney (also had to do the neckline). Luckily, they still had the dye lot in stock, so I finished the sweater, and made the matching hat. The steeks for the armholes went smoothly, but left a bit thicker ridge of fabric at the armhole seam than I really like. I suppose its because its worsted weight wool. I’ve still got enough wool left over to make another matching hat, and probably mittens too. Hmm. This project was supposed to decrease the yarn in stash, not add to it. I’ve set aside the rest of the skein because I’m tired of the color for now, and picked up the Roasted Coffee Lamb’s Pride to make a basic child’s two-color pullover. Started on US8, frogged and re-made on US9. 5sts/inch is too dense for this yarn.

And a big thank you! to my KnittyMama swap partner for the bag of homemade toffee waiting in my mailbox last night. Yummmm.

Ooooh - black capped chickadee and Carolina Goldfinch at the feeder. Got to go!


Anonymous qdgirlswapmama said...

Toffee is cooked to the hard-crack stage . . .

3:53 PM  
Anonymous urban craft said...

I too am becoming an crack craft addict. Is there a support group? Must resist sewing needles......

7:45 PM  

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