Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lot's of FO's

Hmmm... I guess I'm more organized than I thought. I just went into Photobucket to upload what I thought was a month's worth of photos, and most of them were already there. I don't remember doing that, but hey - great!

It's been a busy crazy month.

First - socks for Audrey. I finished them mostly on the trip to Minnesota for my DH's cousin's wedding. They are a wee bit big, but she's growing fast. Plus, I'm pretty sure they are going to be "too itchy" and best worn over a thinner pair of socks for ice skating.

Next - a modeled shot of my Little Blue Sweater - not too bad over this great red shirt I got on sale at Ann Taylor - only $9.99! Can't beat that with a stick now, can we?

I frantically started a baby blanket for Nancy - Serenity - in Knit Picks Shine DK.

I was thinking I had until early January to finish - we usually have a shower at work a few weeks before the due date. I wasn't planning on being invited to the friends and family shower at her house! Eep! That's Dec. 6 - less than 3 weeks away. I'm making good progress (I'm in row 80-something tonight) but need to keep in mind that as you get closer to the end, the rows get astronomically longer. Like only a couple of rows per night.

Lastly - a quick 2 pairs of mittens for afghans for Afghans. In connection with Roots of Peace, they are requesting 300 pairs of mittens by Nov. 20. Got them in the mail Saturday!

So, as you can see, a very busy but productive month. Between us, I think DH and I made a total of 5 business trips too. I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

Audrey finally "got it" in swimming lessons - she released her death grip on the accompanying parent and is jumping off the side unassisted and taking a couple of little kicks/strokes too. Yay Audrey! She's being promoted up to Level 1 next semester after only one time through "preschool 3 - 5 with parent" (it took three tries to pass through "toddler 18 - 36 mos. with parent"). The best part? (For me anyway) No parent! I can just sit and cheer her on from the side of the pool. I can swim just fine myself. I just lost interest in it after my eyesight got so bad that I have to wear glasses in the pool. Nothing like standing around getting splashed in the glasses for half an hour every week to really make you dislike going to the pool.

Hmmm, what else? Winter had finally crash-landed on our doorstep. After one week of Indian Summer (beautiful weather for yard work, leaves still firmly attached to trees) followed by a week of rain (leaves now sodden in the lawn), we woke up this morning to find the leaves firmly cemented to the lawn and driveway with 1/4" of ice. Nice. I still haven't mulched the rose bed for the winter or cleaned up the lily and hosta debris. Hope we get another dry weekend in there somewhere.

Well, ta for now!


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