Sunday, September 28, 2008


Told you Little Blue Sweater was fast, didn't I? No pictures today, but I finished weaving in the ends on Friday night. Then Saturday went to the LYS to buy 600 yds of worsted weight yarn to start over again, the same pattern for Audrey. My swatch told me that with worsted weight on US8, my gauge is 70% of what I was getting on US11 with bulky weight. And Audrey is 70% of the women's small size. Which means......I just discovered a whole new source of patterns for small children. Cool. Obviously I have to alter some of the dimensions, like "work in pattern until sweater measures 15 inches" - I need to proportionally reduce the vertical directions. I'm also doing hers in the round. While the women's medium in bulky ended up being fairly hefty and can benefit from the structural support of the side seams, childs 4T in worsted will not be an issue.

Anonymous asked in the comments about the Starghan (I have no idea how to link to previous comments): once on circular needles, does the blanket resemble a connected web? Well, kind of. I think it looks more like a basket or bag with the needle cord supporting the opening edge, but I can see how it would also look like a web. You really can't tell it is a star shape when its on the needles though - the points are all smushed in to the fabric, and it just looks round.

Pictures later, I promise!


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