Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm really cranking through the Little Blue Sweater, in this Fall's Interweave Knits. Only 9 days in, and I've already finished the back and all but one shoulder of the front. Here's the back:


The color is a little lighter than the picture - more of a cinnamon shade. It's Sandalwood in Louet Riverstone Chunky.

Hubris of course, because telling you how fast this is knitting up invites disaster - my only size 11 circulars will disintegrate; a bird will fly into the house and grab the last skein for her nest; I will burn my fingers while making tea. One should never brag about how well something is going. Bad karma.

But, it is going really well and I want to shout about it! Tension was a little wonky on the back - I'm not used to big wool and big needles, but the front looks much more even, especially in the ribbing. Now if only the temperature would drop a little farther - even in a lacy pattern with elbow length sleeves, I can tell this is going to be one warm sweater. The lace-on-size-11 demands a shirt underneath for modesty, as well as the rather rustic (read scratchy) feel of the wool.

We survived the remnants of Ike up here with just some debris in the yard - one advantage I guess, of a new-ish neighborhood. No trees large enough to do any real damage if they lose a limb or two. Other folks around the area, not so lucky.

I've got an hour of me-time tonight - DH took DD over to the rec center for her swimming lesson. Not that I don't get some me-time every night, after DD's bedtime, but it feels odd to be alone in a quiet house before sunset. I walked around the house, listened to the clocks, and went upstairs to rummage in my stash. Sigh. So many odd-balls in there. I really must figure out what to do with them. A log cabin blanket maybe? That would clear it all out in a hurry. Boring, but practical. Lots of mittens for charity? Hats? I dunno.


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