Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey - where's the shovel?!?

Friday night the snow started falling. Thankfully, it waited until after rush hour to really get thick, although the ride to the day-care after work took about 50% longer than normal. Lots of people leaving a little early I think, to avoid the coming storm. I heard the plow in my driveway at 2:20 a.m. I could not really tell for sure that he had been there at 8:00 a.m. when I went to find the newspaper. So I figured I'd better shovel a little if I was going to take Audrey to her dance class (this is Cleveland. We do not cancel dance classes for a mere 6 inches of snow). The shovels? (We own two) Nowhere to be seen. The husband? Oh yeah - just this side of the equator. Can you believe it? He goes off for two weeks to equatorial Singapore in the dead of winter and doesn't even have the decency to retrieve the shovels from the garage attic before leaving. Thanks!

All this beautiful snow makes me keen to wrap my hands around some nice thick warm wool - no more cotton blends for me for a while. I've been working on the Braided Pullover since a little before Christmas - taking it slowly, no rush here. I'm a little stuck on the sleevecaps right now. Looking at the modeled shot, it's clear the sleeve cap is poorly planned. I'm trying to do a short row sleevecap from the top down, a la Barbara Walker, but it's still bulgy and puffy near the seamline. I've frogged the first sleeve twice now. I'm going to give it a few day's rest, then tackle it again.

I started the second "Green River" sock (Judy Sumner) - the first was made in October. I realized I did not take good notes. Oops. Thank goodness I didn't make any mods (that I can tell so far) in the first one.

I whipped out a second pair of wool socks for Audrey - closer to her actual foot size (I swear I measured the first time). $2.50 for a pair! Paton's Kroy sock yarn at Michaels, with coupon. One skein. I'm not in love with the colors (I don't think she is either to be honest), but they are great for ice-skating.

And now I'm off to chip away at the housecleaning before my parents come for a little respite on Friday. Ta!


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