Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's Mine! All Mine!!

No, really, it was all mine today! Every piece of mail that came today was addressed to me. Real Simple, Chemistry and Engineering News, the Carleton Voice, a statement from my financial advisor, and some junk mail, and best of all....

A big box from Portland. Portland, home of the wonderful homemade toffee mentioned a few weeks ago. Portland, home of ... cement? Is there some connection between Portland cement and Portland, OR? Not sure. And best of all, my SP.

She (and I think I've figured out her real identity, but not quite positive - is it hellahelen?) sent me a box of Mother's Day joy. Gifts for me - yarn, a spa kit, truffles and Sour Patch swedish fish, and Audrey (without whom I would not be celebrating Mother's Day) - a pack of 350 assorted stickers and a bag of Jelly Bellys (her fav). See the pretty yarn and bath gifts? Thank you SP!

KnittyMama swap loot

Candy is not photographed, as opened bags of candy really aren't very photogenic, are they? After an afternoon of shopping, we fell on the candy like famished vultures. Is there really a recession? 'Cause I swear everybody in the greater Cleveland area was rocketing through the shopping center parking lots like they had just won the lottery today. SLOW DOWN!!!! Especially if you are driving a big invincible SUV. Because when you are trying to back a Honda Civic out from between two monster vehicles, and a third nearly clips you in the rear, it makes you want to mount a rocket launcher on the back of said Civic. Just to give warning that you are backing up, you know?

The yarn was not labeled, but looks like a great sock yarn with which to try out one of the designs in Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovations. I bought it in Rochester a couple of weeks ago, and was trying to decide if any of them would work with the self-striping yarn in my stash, or if I needed to go shopping. Now I don't have to!

I got back from four days in Houston on Thursday, with only 1.5 skeins of my Eastlake yarn consumed (I packed 4, plus a skein of sock yarn). Not sure why I thought I could knit 800 yards in 4 days, but I'm sure the TSA was amused at my suitcase full of yarn and dirty laundry. I'm almost done with the back of Eastlake now - photo next time.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there! Call your Mom!


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