Friday, July 17, 2009

A little spinning break

Twilight Tank is finished (but no photos yet - maybe this weekend?) and I've decided to spend the rest of the month working on my fiber stash. So, you know, I can buy some more.

I finished up the "September Glow" Lambswool/Silk blend from Nistock Farms. This is 7/8 ounce, in my attempt to spin from the fold and/or from a "rolag". I didn't really know what a rolag was, so I ripped off a hunk of batt, then rolled it up like a cigar. Well, it's a start I guess. 56 yds of 3 ply (Navaho plied).


I love the colors, and I'm pretty happy with the yarn! It spun up much better than my first attempts to spin it worsted from thin strips off the batt.

Now I'm trying to do a true long-draw with the merino mix I bought at the Fiber Fest over Memorial Day weekend. And solo-parenting for two weeks (Singapore again). Anyone want to take a guess what will break this month?


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