Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mmmm, roving

I'm still on the seat - spinning wise! Each day since Le Tour started, I have done some spinning-related activity. Last night was plying and skeining - I only have one spindle, so no spinning could occur until the spindle was nekkid ;-)

Here's this week's progress on the blue:

That's 1.25 oz of thick-and-thin (mostly thin) yarn! Very wiry and scratchy feeling though - not as soft as the roving would suggest. I think I am spinning too tight, and although the skein is well balanced, I think that might just mean I plied it just as tightly in the opposite direction. After giving it a dunk in the sink, the fibers really jumped out of the yarn and stuck in all directions. I need to work on that.

My new roving arrived today :

Squee! It's yummy! From left to right: Cotswald lamb/silk blend in "September Glow", Cotswald lamb/alpaca blend in "Whipped Cream" and natural color fine wool lamb combed top in "Maple Walnut". All from Nistock Farms. Great service! I ordered online (they take Paypal) on Saturday morning, and my box was in the mail, USPS Priority on Monday. I got it today, Thursday.

I'm starting with the pure lamb tonight - very sproingy! and trying hard to spin a little looser and heavier gauge than my previous attempts. I hope this will help it keep it's sproinginess after plying, and it will still be soft after washing. It has a very long staple - I really lucked out here. I've not yet attempted anything short staple like Merino.

Knitting: The shawl is chugging along - row 173 completed last night (out of 189), nearly done with the last lace section! Woot! I may get to wear this soon.

And a new WIP (I know, I said I was going to be monagomous): socks. Secret socks for a secret pal! Actually for the secret pal's child, who has been bugging her for handknit socks - kid has good taste :-) They should knit up very quickly - I got halfway to the heel (toe-up) between yesterday's lunch break and today.

And finally, a sad Zoey update.

She pulled throught the surgery very well, and after about 6 - 7 days, is eating and drinking enthusiastically again. But only a week after the stitches were removed (3 weeks post-op), the tumors have re-appeared with a vengeance. The vet confirmed that the lumps and ulcerated mass in her mouth were indeed a recurrence, and due to it's inclusion into the jaw bone, and the speed with which it came back, there is nothing left to do but wait until it prevents her from eating comfortably. If we're lucky, she make it through the summer. My poor little kitty. This is the saddest part of being a pet mommy.


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