Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not a lot of progress

The big downside to having multiple WIPs? Snail's pace progress on both at once! The sweater for Audrey is moving towards finished - the front is complete, and the back about 80% done. I'm struggling with the sleeve caps and considering abandoning them for a simple inset sleeve.

The Follow the Leader Shawl is at row 121 - just about done with gusset lace chart C.
My apologies for the crummy color rendition. It's late here, and I had to turn on a lot of lights to get the photo.

What's my excuse? Busy, busy, busy. This is the first weekend we've been home since before Memorial Day. Lots of time with family - mine for Memorial Day, DH's for last weekend. We all met in Chicago for a weekend of fun and photos - had professional family photos shot at Lincoln Park Friday, then off to the Aquarium (most of us), and a Cubs game (a few adults). Saturday was a little mellower - I went shoe shopping with my sisters-in-law (dangerous), then we saw the musical "Wicked". Excellent! If you are in Chicago, I highly recommend it. The lead two actresses were terrific.

This weekend was back at home, with one last swimming lesson for Audrey, and a trip to the zoo this morning. Perfect weather both days, I hope it continues for a little while. I also planted some tomatoes (4 plants), and hot peppers (2 plants). I have one basil plant ready to go, but I want to pick up another 2 to go with it. Maybe next weekend. Last year I put the basil in front of the tomatoes, and it really seemed to shield it from the hungry critters in the neighborhood. I'm hoping the same applies this year. I think the pepper plants will help too.

Hoping to get to a couple of yarn stores in the next week, but I may not be able to make it. DH is busy with work Monday and Tuesday, and Zoey goes to the vet Thursday. I am not looking forward to it. The tumor that was removed last summer has reappeared, and much larger this time. She does not seem to be uncomfortable yet, but I don't know if the vet will recommend treating it or letting this run its course. She is 13 years old this year.



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