Saturday, December 08, 2007


I'm pooped. Next year, I swear, I'm going to be organized before the holidays. I still have 4 people to shop for and there is only 1.5 weekends left before we head to my parents! Thank goodness my DH took yesterday off work - he took care of buying gifts for Audrey's preschool ornament exchange and a gift for a birthday party next week. When am I going to do my shopping?

I got a couple of things done today, but after only finding 3 items at three separate stores in a crazy suburban shopping plaza I decided I could declare absolute and total victory by bailing on the holiday shopping and going to Costco. Surprise! They had absolutely everything I was looking for - and at a good price! I filled up the car with milk, orange juice, frozen fish fillets, a couple loaves of bread, a case of diced tomatoes, enough TP to see us through Easter - you get the idea. Mission accomplished. Headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch/phone with parents and friends, and worked on a sock.

Which brings me to this week's knitting update - no photos. Because if I delay this post until I find the camera, the cable, and time to edit the photo, it ain't going to happen. So, just imagine beautiful pictures. Next time, I promise.

The home project: Northern Lights mittens in KnitPicks Palette. Going faster than I expected -about 10 rounds per evening. I'm using the weaving technique from Philospher's Wool. It is very difficult to keep my right and left hand yarns evenly tensioned. Often appears that the background color is disappearing. I'm almost done with the first mitten, and will try harder for even stitches on the second. At least, I feel like I've got the technique down now, and I've stopped dropping needles all over the place.

The work project: basic stockinette sock in Socks that Rock "Love in Idleness". Toe up, with "widdershin's" heel. Almost at the top of the first sock. I did take it home this weekend - I left it at work all week to ensure that I would put in the hard work on the mittens in the evening.

The UFO: the Minimalist Cardigan. Mostly seamed and all ends woven in except for the back of the neck. Got postponed due to my Chibi needles being at work in my knitting bag. Oops!

Well, just a quickie update. We're off to have dinner with some friends and check out the lights and decorations at Finwood Estates in Elyria.


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