Friday, September 21, 2007



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Are you lookiting? (5 points to whoever can recall the source of this "word" and its context as originally published)

My plant is flowering! Pretty! And there are new buds on several of the other branches too - I may get multiple flowers - I can't believe it.

Minimalist sweater

No photo yet - my hands are aching too much tonight, and the lights not good. Umm, what the heck was I thinking, a whole sweater in Moss Stitch? Owie. At least its only 5 spi.

Typing hurts too, so good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I've been looking forward to lookiting at the flowers! So pretty!


6:48 PM  
Blogger chemgrrl said...

I'm lookiting! I'm lookiting!

Heh heh. That's from a realllly old Peanuts strip. That brings back memories--I used to read those on summer vacations as a kid. My grandma had kept all my mom's old Peanuts books.

Pretty flower! What kind of plant is that?

10:38 AM  

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