Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spinning update

I spent the first week of the tour working on the lamb's wool (Cotswald) in natural brown shade. Very nice to spin, I felt like I was able to get pretty even singles with a minimum of effort. Here's the first week's work (I'm pretty slow at this):
Now I'm into the lamb/alpaca blend. Oh, what a mess I am making of this lovely fiber. It is super soft - like petting a well-groomed persian cat. Very long staple (and I am struggling with keeping my hands far enough apart while drafting). Yet, when I try to divide the roving to pre-draft, it changes from a fairly hefting roll of fiber to a loose collection of super-fine threads, which then fall apart as I try to wrap it around my wrist. I need a lot more practice with this slippery stuff. I may put it aside for a while and try the wool/silk blend. Maybe the silk will be "stickier"?

Nearly done with the shawl - just a few rows to go! But I will put is aside for a few days to finish up the socks for my secret pal's son, because I want to get that sent out at the end of next week.

Then what? More socks? Hmmmmm.....choices.


Blogger PocketSize said...

Hi, I happened over here from Turtlegirl's blog. Just wanted to say that everything you're working on is lovely! Also, with the alpaca/lamb roving, I still classify myself as a beginner, but I've found that with long slippery fibers it's easier to do long draw. Though it seems a little more difficult to do that on a spindle than a wheel...

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