Saturday, March 24, 2012

Summer! (psyche!)

Week 12/52

It’s summer! Seriously, it was in the upper 70’s for several days this week. Feels like summer to me! Now that I’ve finally finished the two wool shawlettes I was working on, I don’t feel especially motivated to block them. But then next week is expected to be a little more March-like, so maybe I should after all.

I have been busy running outside though – such a different feeling than running on the treadmill. To force myself to keep up with it, I registered for a 4 mile race – my first race in almost 10 years – eep! It’s Emily’s Rainbow Run, and if you are in the Cleveland area the last Sunday in April, won’t you come on over? There’s also a 2 mile fun run/walk and children’s ¼ mile run. It’s a charity run for Pediatric Cancer research at the Cleveland Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

I’ve added weekly hillwork and pace/speedwork to my routine, and my pace is improving already. Still need to work on endurance. I feel pretty good that I can run a mile in 8:00, but I need to tack on three more of those miles without resting. I’ve still got 5 weeks before the race. I’d be really happy with a sub-32:00.

The Sunshine socks are coming along nicely – first sock is done (except Kitchenering the toe), will cast on second sock this weekend.

Try new things: hmmm, nothing really new here. Still taking skating lessons, so a little bit of “new” every week, just signed up for another 6 weeks of classes.


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