Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh, my, my – the middle of July!

Where the heck did the spring go?  I can’t believe we’re officially into the second half of the year – and school starts in just 4 weeks!  That’s our town, for sure, probably not yours.  Due to the construction at the schools, the town has decided that this fall, the kids will start August 16.  Of course, they’ll get out early next spring too – just after Memorial Day.  And next year not go back until Labor Day, giving the workers a solid 12 week summer to finish up the construction. 

So, we’re trying to cram as much summer into June and July as possible – we’ve been to the pool, Cedar Point (yay coasters!), grown two enormous zucchini plants, and I’ve been running a lot.  Not so much knitting though – funny how exercising in the evening cuts into my crafting time. I ran the Healthy People Healthy Planet race I mentioned last post - 4th in my age group.  By 2 lousy seconds.  The lady that got third passed me in the last 1/2 mile and I just couldn't stop her.  That staircase was the death of me.

I did finish up a couple things since I last posted though (and took pictures!).
Socks!  Socks! More Socks (in progress).  One of my goals this year was to use up as much of my sock yarn stash as I could.  It’s been about 6 years since I made my first pair of socks, and in addition to some beautiful new yarn I’ve bought along the way, I’ve got a lot of 20g mini-balls left over.  Using Grumperina’s spiral sock tutorial, I’m slowly making my way through them with some wild stripy socks. Pics to come soon, I hope.
These are Cookie A’s pattern "Sunshine"; the yarn is Shibui Knits.

Sunshine socks

Finished two shawlettes – Argus (Wendy Johnson) I “doubled” the pattern to make it stay over my shoulders’ better.  Isn’t that a pretty yarn?  It’s Cherry Tree Hill Alpaca lace.  Kind of a “do it yourself” 13th anniversary gift from Mike (traditional 13th year gift is lace).  That was last year, but I just finished it this spring (in time for our 14th anniversary of course).

Argus Shawlette
Argus shawlette

And Maluka, in a non-nylon enhanced sock yarn I bought on vacation.

Maluka shawlette
Maluka shawlette

And in the category of “try something new”:
A blouse!  Sewed by me!  Simplicity pattern XXXX, in linen.
Lessons learned:  you must catch all three layers of cloth under the needle when you sew a narrow folded hem.  The places you miss fray in the wash, right up to the seam line.
 Kind of like how an unnoticed dropped stitch will runner down the length of a sweater,  given the opportunity.  Price of experience:  only about $12 for the fabric, and a couple hours of time.  I don’t think this is wearable, at least not without a cardigan over it.  Fits pretty well though.  If I do it again, I’m not sure I want as much fabric gathered along the back neckline.  It’s overly loose around the torso.  Also this linen is not drapey enough to make the front neckline hang the way (I think) it should.

In progress:  a rayon skirt.  Fabric cut, just need to sew!