Saturday, March 31, 2007

These socks rock!

I promised my next post would be an FO - I just didn't say whose FO it would be!
I did finish the Kureyon vest, even wore it to work last week (got a thumbs up from the co-workers), but we haven't had weather this last week warm and sunny enough for any outdoor photography.

The FO du jour - my SockPal socks arrived today courtesy of Stephie26 - terrific little pattern that works well with the variegated colors. They fit perfectly - thanks Stephanie!
And, the package included another skein of Socks that Rock so I can try them for myself! Woot - my first Rockin Socks! I've heard so many good things about this yarn, I can't wait to use it!

On the needles now (but not pictured) - Feather and Fan socks in Colinette Jitterug Castagna. Looks oddly camoflague colored. But, the lace on top offsets that army look I think.

Spring is verrrrry slowly descending on Cleveland - the bulbs are coming up and look ready to burst any day now and the weeds are in full force. Trees are budding and tiny leaves are making their appearances. The forsythia is bursting with yellow flowers. We don't have a forsythia, but our neighbors do, and it is bursting. We planted a dwarf peach tree today - yum, here come peaches! It's an Elberta type, which is supposed to be a very pretty tree too, in case the deer eat all the fruit, we'll still have something nice to look at.

So, it's time to put away the heavy wool and break out the summer projects. New socks (several pair I think), a Faroese shawl, and a baby blanket.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The deep-V Kureyon vest is nearly done! I'm totally loving this steeking stuff. I made up a swatch of Lamb's Pride to practice on, and after seeing how secure a crochet-reinforced steek is, I snipped away at my vest without fear. Why was I so nervous about this?

Here's a picture of the vest with the shoulders ready to be joined and all knitting done (March 14):
And again a week later (March 20) with the armholes cut and edged, just the V-neck left to cut open.
The knitting is all done now, but I still have to weave in a few ends, and tack down the inside of the steeks. Then block. Next post will be the FO!

Upcoming projects: I just received a copy of Sivia Harding's Follow the Leader Shawl in the mail. It calls for either fingering weight or lace weight, with apparently the same finished size. I really want to try Jagger Zephyr Wool-Silk lace weight, but I'm not sure it would be warm enough. Then again, there isn't a sock yarn that I'm in love with enough to buy 1100 yds of.

Most immediate new project to soon-be-on-the-needles: Colinette Jitterbug socks in Castagna. My flight to NYC for the Vision-East Expo departs at 6 a.m. Friday.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Something Completely Different

I knit much faster than I blog, in case you haven't noticed. Since my last post I have completed 1/2 a sweater vest! Twice.

Sigh. I did swatch, I swear it. But I shimmied into the body when I had about 10 inches done and it was TIGHT. Not 2 inches of ease like I had planned. More like 2 inches of negative ease. Which isn't such a pretty look in worsted weight (my opinion. YMMV).

Since my last couple of projects have been socks, socks, lace, and children's hat/scarf/sweater, I decided to put off the Northern Lights mittens for a while (like maybe until next summer/fall) and pull out the Kureyon I've been stashing since that big sale last summer. Such pretty earthy colors! Such "real wool" feel in the hands - a little rough, but with promises of warmth and cool fall hikes in the Metroparks. I've got it all planned out (in my head) - corrugated ribbing at the hips and neckline, a deep V-neck, slight waist shaping.

So I cast on Feb. 27:
By March 1st it was really taking shape:

And here it is on March 3rd:
But the good news is tonight (March 6th) it is looking pretty much like it did on March 1st, just on larger needles. And since Spring is showing no signs of visiting Cleveland any time soon, I may even get to wear it once or twice this winter before packing it away for the summer.

I've already got bit by a bug for the next project (or projects) too: I want a Faroese shawl. I just this weekend decided I HAD to have a shawl that doesn't fall off my shoulders. I'm ignoring the fact that I would not generally describe myself as a "lace" person. I just want that shawl. Now to pick a pattern - I'm leaning towards one of Sivia Hardings - maybe Follow the Leader? Lacy, but not too "girly".

And then there's a pregnant friend at work - Team Pink! Need to find the perfect girl baby blanket that's also not too "girly" (she's not a pink lace kind of woman).

And socks! I need more socks!

Time! I need more time!
Later all!